Muscle & Strength Training Pyramid

La piramide dell’allenamento di Eric Helms La piramide dell’allenamento di Eric Helms (ricercatore scientifico e atleta in ambito fitness e natural bodybuilding) rappresenta le basi dei nostri risultati in palestra. Divisa in 6 livelli e alla base di questi:🔹livello 1️⃣ ADHERENCE - aderenza: quanto rispetti il tuo programma di allenamento? Sei constante nei giorni di … Continue reading Muscle & Strength Training Pyramid

Ass To The Grass

The Importance Of Full Range Of Motion In Exercise Full reps or partial reps? Each has a place in your training, but according to recent research, full range of motion (full repetitions) produces greater growth. The study entitled Muscular adaptations and insulin-like growth factor-1 responses to resistance training are stretch-mediated involved participants who trained for … Continue reading Ass To The Grass

The Three Metabolic Energy Systems

How you get energy; how you use it. We usually talk of energy in general terms, as in “I don’t have a lot of energy today” or “You can feel the energy in the room.” But what really is energy? Where do we get the energy to move? How do we use it? How do … Continue reading The Three Metabolic Energy Systems

Anatomy Of Muscles

Muscles are an important part of your body, and as a strength training athlete or bodybuilder you should understand how muscles work. The Basics There are three very different types of muscle, skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle and smooth muscle. Skeletal muscle are directly attached to the bones via tendons, these are the visible muscles that … Continue reading Anatomy Of Muscles

Recommended Glute Exercises

My Favourite Top 10 Glute And 10 Single Leg Glute Exercises Trainers rarely agree on which are the “best” glute exercises, reasons for this include differences in hip anatomy and glute architecture from one person to the next and between men and women. What works best for you may not necessarily work for your training … Continue reading Recommended Glute Exercises

The Secret Of Getting Ahead Is Getting Started

The Secret Of Getting Ahead Is Getting Started - How Baby Steps Will Help You Reach Your Goal And Shape Your Body And Life   The search for the secret to success has intrigued mankind for centuries, then, during the late 1800s, Mark Twain published his personal interpretation:   “The secret of getting ahead is … Continue reading The Secret Of Getting Ahead Is Getting Started

IIFYM – If It Fits Your Macros aka Dieta flessibile

IIFYM Flexible Diet - Calculating Daily Macros In Your Meals To Reach Your Fitness Goals IIFYM, short for If It Fits Your Macros, is a simplified approach to dieting where you can basically eat ANYTHING you want as long as it fits into your daily calorie allowance and daily macros (macronutrient) split of protein, carbohydrates … Continue reading IIFYM – If It Fits Your Macros aka Dieta flessibile

Manage Fats

Fighting Fat Fat is unhealthy - both inside and out. Body fat is not only unattractive, but unhealthy as well. Too many calories and too little exercise result in obesity, a growing Worldwide epidemic. Obesity increases your risk for many health problems including diabetes, clogged arteries and heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, even erectile dysfunction! … Continue reading Manage Fats

Daily health tips for weight loss (Part 3)

Weight Loss Tips Enjoy The Occasional Chocolate. If it’s a toss up between chocolate and a takeaway, the chocolate wins. Dark chocolate contains healthy antioxidants, whereas fast food contains nothing of any nutritional value and is dripping with unhealthy trans fats. Choose Healthy Fats. Your body does require a small amount of fat to function … Continue reading Daily health tips for weight loss (Part 3)

NEAT = Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis or NEAT, is the sum of all energy burned by your body while NOT exercising. Sitting at your desk, standing upright, walking up the stairs, mowing the grass or vacuuming the carpet are all examples of NEAT. NEAT includes any type of movement that requires muscle contractions. Any activity that increases … Continue reading NEAT = Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis