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1506391953776Let me introduce myself first, hi i’m Riccardo Alessandro Migliorini, you probably know me from some social pages like Facebook or my instagram profile RCLXMG where i post often instants taken from my daily life, i also love photography and travelling, i’ve started using instagram in march 2012, so i have collected many media since then, 🙂 now with the evolution of this powerful tool we can stay in touch everyday through instastories and share so many interests and informations about every aspect of life with easy and fast access so i’m really curious about where the evolution of this communication technology will bring.

Sorry for this digression, but i also love social media and i work also on this field for Sempione50 Medicina Estetica logo semand social media marketing, while i study dentistry at the University of Milan and collaborate in the dentistry clinic Studio Dentistico Ponte Nuovo 10. Mockup1 (1)Before i studied engineering at Polimi also in Milan but i realized that wasn’t the right path for me, so i decided to make this big change in my life and i finally succeded to enter dentistry in Milan.


Now that you have some informations about me, i can tell you something more about my relationship with sports, Gym and natural bodybuilding of course.

In my life i’ve practiced many sports, since i was young i tried fencing, skating, swimming, skiing, tennis, football, handball, basketball, badminton, baseball, volley, bmx, hokey on field and on grass, karting, rugby, water ski, snowboard, tabletennis, crossfit, scuba diving in apnea and of course gym training.

I’ve always been good in fast-powerful sprinting sports instead of endurance ones, especially i was really good in tennis, table-tennis, handball, karting and powerlifting. Clear sign that my muscles are composed mainly by White fast fibers IIb/FF or IIa/FR and only in a lesser % by Red slow contracting fibers I/ST. drawing-illustration-muscles-skeleton-infographics-anatomy-159502-wallhere-com.jpgThis is a test everyone has to do, to understand of wich fibers his body is mainly composed, analyzing in wich sports you and your parents excel, in order to train in the most effective ways.

My mother is Greek so during summer i still practice waterski, scuba diving and swimming and during winter sometimes i go for alpine ski and tennis, tennis was also the sport i’ve practiced out for the longest time, i’ve started at 6 yo and stopped at 19yo reaching agonistic level in ClubTennisMonza.

When i was 13 and was skiing on the alpes, i fell and broke my left Humerus on the cranial 1/3, i took a big fright of skiing and left it for a long time, rehabilitation took also a long time, after near 5 months with an almost full torso plaster, the left arm then was really smaller then the right and atrofic so i slowly recovered but kept feeling some pain in the area for years.

My journey in natural bodybuilding started a long time ago, the first time i went in a gym was in 2005, i was 16 and trained for around 3 years totally bored,

2009 – 2016 – 2017

without any motivation, with below average trainers around me, strandardized programs, no nutrition and no supplement claims, all this pointless work couldn’t help me train properly and motivate me to gain the results and the passion that gym requires.

So in september 2009 something suddenly happened, i was frustrated after all this time money and effort spent in the gym for nothing, that i’ve decided to change gym and trainers, in the new environment good trainers were just the “hourly paid” personal trainers, i was unable to pay so much for 45′ classes 2 or 3 times a week, so i realized i had to do all the work by myself. I started reading books about training, how to do exercises in the proper way to hit the desidered muscles effectively, reading blog and online articles, youtube videos, following famouse athletes pages to get ideas and hints to improve, i also had to buy and try on myself so many supplements to feel and understand what really works and which are just useless and marketing products, and had to experiment on myself also many diets and macro cycling , to get closer to my final goal.

After 16 months and really much effort at the gym + diet/lean eating + cardio sessions Hiit and Liss and supplements, i went from 78kgs fat and untrained to 63kg totally ripped, i had no big muscularity but my bodyfat (bf) percentage was really low, from 23% to less than 6%.

Since then i’ve never stopped training from 3 to 6 days a week improving IMG_20170831_143614_260 my muscolarity, density and getting better at exercise thecnique and strenght, reaching now my ideal body weight of around 73kgs, so it took me almost 7 years to build 10kgs of muscle, that’s natural bodybuilding about being consistent and keep improving.

During the last 2/3 years some friends and social followers, started asking for advice on training, supplementation and 6d047686e890d6e736a8954e0f572cf6nutrition, because they saw how i’ve been able to radically change my body diet-fruit-vegetable-love from zero to hero without using illegal and dangerous substances, so i gave them some advices and hints but they were not enough to help them in a proper way.

I’ve lost so much time to do all this by myself, because there wasn’t a valuable trainer in between the generic hall instructor who provided generic useless training programs, and the super expensive for a student, personal trainer.

I realized that there was a need of a new professional figure in the fitness universe, an experienced and expert athlete and coach, to give guys and girls the right information about training + nutrition + supplementation and last but not least keeping the motivated and intrested, with an affordable range price and the personal taylor made job everyone needs to really get their dream body.

I got a personal trainer cerfication supported by Aics-Coni aics and Ereps cerfication for european personal training EREPS-logo-fc.jpg so from a couple years i started training many customers with online coaching, most of them are in italy, but i also have atheletes around europe, so i get the European certification EREPS EQF4 Personal Trainer every year MembershipCertificate  training them with a safe and smart way, making them evolve and getting better and better year after year.


They trusted me and my vision to forge their body respecting natural classic beauty canons, giving especially girls toned, juicy and nice bodies and guys atheltical and aesthetically plesant bodies, of wich they are proud at the gym or at the beach, without disporoportionally big useless and ugly muscle masses, giving them much more confidence in everyday life and improving their lives indirectly, keeping them in good health conditions and classy when suited up!


That’s what is my work is aimed to, and if you are intrested and want to start a collaboration with me,  to let me shape your body and your life, taking out the best of your genetical potential, you can contact me through the following module or contact me at

“We rise when the fire inside us, burns brighter than the fire around us.”