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If you have ever performed bench press movements on the floor rather than on a bench, you have done floor presses. Most often performed by powerlifters, floor presses are bench presses performed lying on the floor. You lower the bar to just above your chest and stop and pause when your triceps touch the floor, and then press the weight back up to full extension. lockout. Powerlifters often use floor presses as a triceps exercise, but if you take a wide grip on the bar you will stimulate your chest.

The floor press intentionally decreases range of motion. You will reach the bottom of the movement when the bar is still a few inches above your chest. You must use raw strength to get the weight up. For this reason, you will be able to handle greater weights and stimulate new strength and growth. A second advantage, especially if you keep your legs straight and back flat, is that you can not “cheat” the movement. For safety, ensure that you use large plates to avoid being trapped beneath the barbell.


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