Weight Loss Tips

  1. Enjoy The Occasional Chocolate. If it’s a toss up between chocolate and a takeaway, the chocolate wins. Dark chocolate contains healthy antioxidants, whereas fast food contains nothing of any nutritional value and is dripping with unhealthy trans fats.
  2. Choose Healthy Fats. Your body does require a small amount of fat to function properly. Not all fat is “bad” and you require a small amount of it to lose weight. Consume 50-60 grams of fat daily, but avoid ‘hydrogenated vegetable oil’ as the trans fat found in margarine, biscuits and white bread are bad for your heart as well as your waistline. Choose healthy unsaturated fats found in olive oil, nuts and seeds, and the omega 3 fatty acids found in oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and fresh tuna. These fats help to burn fat, improve your brain function and prevent the onset of heart disease.
  3. Use Smaller Plates. Practice portion control and eat less simply by using smaller plates. It will reduce your portion sizes while convincing you that you’ve eaten a big meal.
  4. Drink Water. Dehydration leads to sugar cravings and fatigue and slows down the fat-burning process and prevents your muscles from taking advantage of the carbs you’re eating. Drink eight glasses daily and more if you’re exercising. Eight ounces of cold water will burn ten calories more than the same amount at room temperature.
  5. Skip Sodas. Carbonated drinks like sodas and colas contain only two things: bubbles and calories. One can of regular cola contains more than 200 calories while one can of diet cola contains only five. This simple exchange can shift more than three pounds in one month.
  6. Take Out. Fast food makes you fat. Fast foods, takeout or take away meals are the worst possible choices if you want to maintain a healthy weight. Curries, pizzas, burgers, fried chicken or Chinese food are all high in calories and that’s before you add the fries, drinks, sauces and dips. Once you eliminate takeaways – you will lose weight.
  7. Learn To Relax. Stress makes you fat. The chronic stress of daily living prompts your adrenal glands to produce cortisol, which causes your body to store fat and redistribute it around your waist. Exercise helps fight stress. A brisk walk three times a week will help you relax as will deep-breathing exercises, yoga and meditation and stretching.
  8. Take The Stairs. Escalators and elevators are convenient, quick and lazy. If you walk instead, you could find yourself doing up to ten minutes of active climbing, and burning 80 calories in the process, every day.
  9. Eat More Protein. Eating and digesting food burns calories, and protein provides the greatest food-generated calorie burn. If you eat a 600-calorie protein-based meal, digestion (and metabolism) will burn off a third of the energy contained – 180 calories.

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