Weight Loss Tips

  1. All Calories Count. You must understand that ALL calories count, not just fat calories. All excess calories you eat above what you burn will be converted and stored as body fat, and to lose weight, you must burn more calories than you eat.
  2. Keep A Food Diary. When you record your meals, it makes you more aware of what you’re eating and where you might be going wrong. It’s much easier to reduce your calorie intake, and lose weight, if you know how many calories you’re consuming, and according to the University of Pennsylvania, people who keep a written record of what they eat are more successful in sticking with a diet than those who don’t.
  3. Hide Those Snacks. If you see them, you’ll eat them, and if you can reach those snacks while watching TV you’ll eat them. According to the University of Illinois, people who kept snacks ten feet away from where they were sitting ate 30 percent less than those who kept snacks within arm’s reach.
  4. Use Non Stick Pans. Teflon coated or similar non stick pans will prevent the need to pour cooking oil into the pan. Less cooking oil means fewer calories. Use an oil spray if no non stick pan is available.
  5. Eat Breakfast. Skipping breakfast does not promote weight loss. It is more likely that you will binge at lunchtime and eat even more than you would have in the morning. Eat a breakfast that’s high in fiber and protein, with a small amount of fat to fire up your metabolism.
  6. Eat 3+2/3 Lunches. Eating smaller meals more often, up to five or six small meals spaced throughout the day will keep your metabolism fired up all day long, and help you burn calories. Eating large, irregular meals or skipping meals and starving yourself will slow your metabolism and encourage your body to store fat.
  7. Unplug Your Television/Smatphone/Netflix/Amazon Prime Video…. A sedentary lifestyle and hours of sitting burns few calories and encourages you to eat junk food due to boredom, all empty calories that excess will be stored as fat if not consumed in 24h.
  8. Go Easy On Yourself. Don’t make dieting more difficult or unpleasant than it is. Find healthy foods you actually enjoy, and allow yourself the occasional treat. Eat in a way that doesn’t feel like a diet. Not every snack has to be healthy, as long as every day is.


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