Gym Dedication And Natural Bodybuilding

If you have spent any time in the gym, you have no doubt heard the adage “no pain – no gain.” The exercise motto is attributed to Jane Fonda along with “feel the burn” in her attempts to motivate her aerobics students in the early 1980s. But it also describes the training approach used by famous bodybuilders like Arnold and his contemporaries.

While there is some discomfort involved in strenuous exercise, exercising to the point of pain can lead to permanent injury, or injury that could push your training back weeks or months. Strength training and bodybuilding involve progressive resistance to overcome your body’s ability to adapt to stresses you place on it. If you curl a 25 pound dumbell for 8 reps, two days from now you should curl that same weight for 10 reps OR increase the weight to 30 pounds. You must increase the load (resistance) or the repetitions to push your muscles beyond their current limit. This progression is the key to gains in size or strength. But this approach is more about pushing yourself that experiencing significant pain.

The successful bodybuilder or strength athletes are those who push past current boundaries and limits, the same approach will work for you. It’s not pain that you are striving for but moving forward in spite of the discomfort you may experience. So if you want to be bigger and stronger, to have a better body, you’re going to have to push yourself past your level of comfort. It is most likely that whatever you’re doing now is within your comfort level if your body isn’t changing. You need to work harder, experience the discomfort of pushing yourself the way champions do. When you’ve arrived at your new personal levels of fitness and achievement, you’ll look back and see that the effort and discomfort were worth it. The idea is not to make your muscles hurt, it’s to make your muscles feel stronger and more alive.

Gym dedication – Making gains in the gym requires sweat and unwavering dedication. You must follow your plan and avoid skipping training or making excuses. You can look around the gym and spot the handful of people who really want results. As a natural, drug free athlete dedication to your training is even more important. You need to stick on your daily routine and bodybuilder lifestyle both in the gym and in the kitchen if you really want to achieve your goals. Don’t slow down or stop when you begin to see results but continue to train hard and frequently allowing for rest and recovery periods.

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