The 1 RM tests are widely used for the evaluation of maximum strength. However, to increase the accuracy of the evaluation of the maximum force, it is advisable to repeat the test a few times. The purpose of this study was to analyze the influence of previous weight training experiences on the reliability of the 1RM test. Thirty men were assigned to the 2 groups based on their previous experiences: no weight experience (NOEXP) and more than 24 months of EXP group weight training experience. All subjects took the 1RM test on the bench press and the squat test in 4 sessions on different days. Significant differences were found in the NOEXP group both during bench exercise (p <0.03) and squat (p <0.05). Improvements in the maximum force in the NOEXP group were found between session 1 and the other sessions; bench press (session 1 vs 2 = + 3.8%, session 1 vs 3 = + 7.4%, session 1 vs 4 = 10.1%); squat (session 1 vs 2 = + 7.6%; session 1 vs 3 = 10.1%; session 1 vs 4 = 11.2%). The results of this study suggest that the validity of the 1RM test is influenced by the previous experiences of the subject. Individuals without experience in weight training need a period of familiarization with the exercises and show great improvements in strength sessions compared to individuals with weight training experience.

Ritti-Dias RM, Avelar A, Salvador EP, Cyrino ES.
J Strength Cond Res. 2011


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