The BMI or better to say the BMI (body mass index) is an important indication for the entire sedentary and / or moderately active population from 18 to 65 years (data considered not to be indicative for athletes and women in an interesting state and anyway it is always from “Cross” with the circumference of life and the waist / hip ratio).
From this data we can draw useful indications for the assessment of risks related to overweight and obesity (metabolic diseases first and foremost).
Calculating it is very simple, just divide your weight with your height high square but … let’s take a practical example:

-Mrs Rossi, 44, secretary, moderately active woman, no recent sporting activity, 1.63m for a weight of 67kg. Multiply then 1.63 (its height in meters) X 1.63, obtaining 2.6569 and then divide its weight in kg with the data just found (67 / 2.6569). With this last division Mrs. Rossi will have therefore discovered her BMI, for a value equal to 25.21.

Now Mrs. Rossi will only have to check which of the following weight ranges is included and then find out the relevant category of membership.
The WHO (World Health Organization) has established the existence of 7 categories, which I am going to list:

– heavy sub weight (less than 16)
– Sub weight (from 16 to 18.49)
– Normalweight (from 18.50 to 24.99)
– Overweight (from 25-29.99)
– 1st degree obesity (from 30.00-34.99)
– 2nd degree (from 35.00-39.99)
– 3rd degree (over 40)

From the latest studies, however, they are ideal values ​​of 22.5 for men and 21 for women, both with regard to the control of the onset of cardiovascular disease and metabolic diseases.

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