“Doms” is the English acronym of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, which translated, simply means “state of delayed onset muscle soreness”.

It usually manifests within 24 hours from the end of a training session or a sports competition, with a peak of intensity between 48 and 72 hours (completely subjective …). The pain will generally be completely fucked within 6-7 days, even if the muscular efficiency requires additional time for the complete functional recovery (strength and articular mobility in particular).

Doms are often received negatively, but as often happens in life, it is an event that “should be read and interpreted”. It is also true that the onset of delayed muscle pain represents an unequivocal sign of damage to the fibers, to the connective tissue and to a decrease in muscular efficiency in the brev (issimo) and period, but it is also and above all the “starter” of the processes of regeneration, adaptation and remodeling of muscle mass, factors that will guarantee greater strength and resistance to a subsequent and similar stimulation.

The activities most “at risk” (or to be implemented specifically …) DOMS are those of an intense and / or prolonged nature that mainly include eccentric contractions (to make a simple example … a downhill run or the flexion of the legs during a squat!) .

Curiosity on the side … DOMS are not directly attributable to the accumulation of lactic acid during activity (completely disposed of by our body in less than 2 hours), as we mistakenly think.

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