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How to Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press

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These three movements make up the core of most people’s training as they hit every single muscle in the body and transfer over to everyday life. Yet, many people don’t know how to do them correctly. Today, we’re going to go over each one to show you the perfect form for executing each lift.


Set up with your legs slightly wider than hip width apart and your big toes pointing at 10 and 2. The initial stance is generally up to personal preference, but to start with this is a solid foundation to understanding how wide you want your squat to be.

With the weight resting against your upper back (just behind your neck), keep your core engaged as you lower your pelvis to the space between your ankles. You want to go as low as possible before your back starts to round forward. It’s also important not to let your knees cave inward. From here, push through the balls of your feet to bring you back to your starting position.


The deadlift is the lift that most people get wrong as they end up using more of their lower back than their legs, resulting in a rounding of the spine and if left unchanged, injury.

Start with your legs underneath directly underneath your hips. Once again as with the squat, over time you’ll begin to understand how wide you want your stance based upon your body.

Lower your body down and grab the bar just outside of your knees whilst keeping you’re core engaged. The most important part of the deadlift is to make sure that your spine stays in a strong and stable position without rounding forward or back.

You want to lift the bar as close to your body as you can, once again pushing through the balls of your feet to extend your legs. Once the bar gets to around knee height, slam your glutes through until you’re in an upright positon.

Bench Press

Lie down with your mouth directly underneath the bar. You then want to grab the bar with both hands just wider than shoulder width, resting it against the base of your hand. Lift off by engaging your arms and chest until the bar aligned with the space just above your nipples. Next, keeping your elbows below your wrists, lower the bar down to around the bottom of your chest, and then push up and back until the bar is in the starting positon.

Once you have the correct execution of these three exercizes, often understimated and poorly performed, you will have laid a good foundation on wich to build the evolution of  your body through training with overloads.

written by Riccardo Alessandro Migliorini


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