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The most essential and all-encompassing nutrient for athletes, bodybuilders, and any other person who undertakes regular exercises is protein. Even if it can be challenging to keep track of the amount of protein you consume on a consistent basis, protein supplements make it easy to do so. They are relatively inexpensive, tasty and ensure that you meet all your nutritional demands. However, not getting enough protein is a sure recipe for destruction of muscle and an effective way to promote catabolism which is injurious to any fitness goal or program.

The Different Types of Protein

The following are the most common types of protein supplements that you will come across:

Isolated Protein

They are also referred to as Whey protein and is essential for everyone. It is a supplement that digests efficiently as a result of a better amino acid profile that trumps egg whites. This implies that Isolated protein has the best biological value that anyone can get from any supplement or food. It is, therefore, the best supplement to consume after your workout session.

Isolated Protein supplements are considered the best protein supplement any athlete can use as a result of its fast and proper utilization tendency in the human body.

However, if your body responds negatively to lactose, then you should choose only whey that don’t contain lactose at all.

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein


It is also known as whey protein hydrolysate, this type of protein – which is actually a whey protein isolate – has short chains of amino acids as a result of an enzymatic reaction which affects some of its amino acid peptide bonds. This leads to improved absorption in the stomach.

But hydrolyzed protein supplements are not well-liked because it has an unpleasant taste, thanks to the hydrolysis process which alters the flavor of the whey protein. In fact, the level of hydrolysis determines how bitter the protein will taste, scitec nutrition produces two tastes both really enjoyable because they invest a lot of time, effort and money on taste optimization.

Despite this minor drawback, however, hydrolyzed protein supplements will do wonders for your body whenever you consume it because times of absorption are really fast almost istant.

Micro-filtered Protein

Micro-filtered protein is the result of intense processing of whey after the separation of the curd in milk during the process of making cheese. At the end of the mechanical procedures, you will be presented with a high-quality whey protein with better solubility. This implies that micro-filtered proteins dissolve quickly in any fluid when added to it.

Casein Protein

Casein protein supplements are primarily milk-based which makes them similar to Isolate proteins since it also originates from milk. The difference between these two types of protein supplements is that casein protein is extracted using ultrafiltration processes; this enables complete separation and easy usage. Casein proteins are excellent for their ability to gradually discharge amino acids over an extended period, thus creating what is known as a ‘muscle sparing effect’.

Many individuals believe that casein protein is the best supplement to consume as it helps in protecting the muscles and also promotes the creation of a positive nitrogen balance. Therefore, casein protein works best when consumed as part of a midday snack or just before bedtime. Your body will not store this type of protein while you are asleep, thanks to its low BV (biological value) as well as the time it takes for the body to digest it.

You should not consume casein during post-workout periods because of its slow absorption rate. It is not the ideal protein source for you after a workout session since your muscles need immediate replenishment.

Are They the Basis of Supplementation for All Type of Athletes?

It is true that everyone needs protein since it plays a significant role in the ecosystem of the human body. Protein does not only help to repair the body but also maintains the organs and tissues as well.

The average individual needs only 8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. If you are an athlete that subjects his body to a lot of stress by endurance training, heavy lifting, etc. then you will require about 1.4g to 2g of protein per kilogram of body weight. This additional protein is necessary so that your muscles will be replenished after it may have used up its store of protein during workouts.

In conclusion, the proteins outlined above genuinely form the basis of supplementation for all types of athletes. But as in all things, consuming protein supplements should be done in moderation.


written by Riccardo Alessandro Migliorini



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