Why Online Coaching?

Thanks to the evolution of comunication distances matter nothing nowdays so i decided to start personal training online because i understood what many people who go to the gym, and can’t afford to pay a personal trainer for many hours weekly need:

  1. they are abandoned to themselves, gym room assistants usually have so much work to do, they cannot dedicate more than 2minutes to each customer,
  2. and their programs are stadard, so people who train with their programs without anyone who explains them the correct way to do exercises, eat, sleep and all this things,
  3. obviousely they never get results and they quit gym after some months most of the time or keep working for nothing.

How does Online Coaching work?

To match my personal life, and this work at distance, i created an algorithm i follow to create to each customer their ideal kind of program, depending on their initial situation and future goals.

I also use only Pubmed, evidence based training programs, routines and supplements, because even this work is science and we have to proceed in a scientific way, not just like many trainers do “i’ve experienced” means nothing to me.

  1. After a first conversation, i ask to fill in an anamnesis, including old sport experiences, traumas, and much more, to know better the customer and understand if there will be something that will not allow us to get to the results we want.
  2. Secondly, i ask him what are his/hers fitness goals from natural bodybuilding
  3. Then if everything is agreed, we can go to the 3rd part where i create their custom taylor made program to follow
  4. 4th last but not least, i support my customers with online explanations of any kind of doubt they have about their program, in order to let them start training in the most correct and effective way
  5. motivation and support are also essentials to reach goals

The customer’s evolution is followed by photos and body composition analysis like Bia, supported by a nutritional specialist if needed, so the program evolves every 4/6 weeks with the customer and his progresses until his ideal goal.

Pedometer and updated training diary are some of the tools that help to reach intermediate goals, stay constant and motivated, arriving at the end of the path with the objectives set.

“It’s not distance that keeps people apart; it’s a lack of communication.”

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